Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Long Point

Located in extreme western Quebec, the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Long Point which is also known as Winneway, has a population of 317 according to the 2011 census. The community has over 70 housing units and an average household size of 4.5 persons per housing unit. Around ? continue to speak Anishinabe at Winneway. In Anishinabe, the meaning of the name Winneway is not correctly known. It is similar to Winnebago. It could mean "Make Dirty Somebody or Make Unclean Somebody" but most likely they would not want to name a settlement that. It may have to deal with what they perceived of the location, particularly a lake or a possible marsh or swamp. Lake Simard is about a half a mile away. And "Long Point" may actually be the Anishinabe name of this settlement. If it is, it would be pronounced as Kit-chay Nay-ya-shay. Below is a link to a picture of the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Long Point or Winneway.

Photo of Long Point or Winneway

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