Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Wood Lake, Spirit Lake Reservation

Is is located along 82nd ave NE about one mile directly south of Tokio and 0.6 miles east of Wood Lake. The lake Wood Lake Township is named after. It is within Wood Lake Township. Around the small lake of Wood Lake are 50 or more housing units which are probably owned by whites. I refer to this settlement 0.6 miles east of Wood Lake, as Wood Lake because of the lakes close proximity. There may be up to 12 housing units located in this small settlement. The settlement extends for about 0.5 miles along 82nd ave NE then Wood Lake Road. Over half of the housing units are mobile homes. The population may be between 35 and 50. Below is a link to a google earth photo of this Spirit Lake settlement and a link to a google earth photo of the housing units around Wood Lake which may be a resort.

Wood Lake Photo

Wood Lake Resort

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