Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Woodcock Homesite, Montana

This settlement appears to be a rather new one. It is located near 2 miles to the east of Ronan which is a predominantly white settlement. It is surrounded by a forest. Usually when a settlement is surrounded by a forest on Reservations, it indicates the settlement is Indian. Woodcock Homesite is similar to Turtle Lake. Both are in the midst of the forest which covered the Mission Valley in the 19th century. A BIA Homesite is an area of Reservation land where housing units are allowed to be built. In some cases they are built for non whites for recreational use. Using google earth i counted about 45 housing units in Woodcock Homesite. The population of Woodcock Homesite may be between 150 and 200. The elevation is 3,145 feet above sea level. Below is a picture of Woodcock Homesite, Flathead Reservation.

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Woodcock Homesite From Above

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