Abitibi First Nation

Located adjacent to a large lake with a same name, is an Ojibway community known as Abitibi First Nation. According to 2016's census, their on-Reserve population is 144. They have 63 dwellings with 56 lived in. Average household size is 2.5 persons per household. Ojibway Language is no longer spoken at Abitibi First Nation. In 1972, they decided to establish two communities. One at Lake Abitibi and another near Amos, Quebec. On June 7, 1906 their leaders signed Treaty 9 at Lake Abitibi, in Quebec. Apparently some kind of predicament followed because Treaty 9 was intended only for Ojibway People in Ontario yet much of Abitibi First Nation Territory was in Quebec. These Ojibway Peoples district extends to James Bay. They used Abitibi River (A-bi-ta Sip-pi in Ojibway) to reach James Bay. Their district extends east to central Quebec, where O-bed-jiw-an is located. To their west, their district extends well past Timmins, Ontario. Lake Nipissing was possibly their districts southern boundary. However, Lake Abitibi was their main location. In Quebec, they use "Abitibiwinni" which is a no, no. Abitibi means 'Half or Middle Waters." It don't make sense. Translated, Abitibiwinni means Middle Waters Dirty. It should be written as "Ga-mi A-bi-ta-bi Winne" which means Lake Abitibi Is Dirty. Too many Ojibway People use "winni" to describe themselves. It was whites that initiated it. That has to stop. In Ojibway, Wini or Winne, means Dirty. After Ojibway leaders learned those evil people mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy had invaded in very eary 16th century, they sent 10,000's of their soldiers and their families west, to fight those white invaders. They were led by ogima Sagima. He led large numbers of Ojibway's to Ottawa River from Manitoulin Island, then sailed up river. They scattered about between James Bay, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Obedjiwan, Quebec. They eventually colonized St. Lawrence River Valley. One of their descendants are from Abitibi First Nation of Ontario.

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