Rocky Boy Tribe
Chippewa Indians of

Lake Nipigon First Nation

This community of Ojibway Indians live just southeast of Lake Nipigon. Their tribal history is one which is quite a mystery. They were originally a part of the Lake Nipigon Band of Ojibway. They were recognized after the 1850 Robinson-Superior Treaty. They were possibly a part of Lake Nipigon Reserve. It was one of three Ojibway Reserves set aside with the signing of 1850s Robinson-Superior Treaty. In 1921, the Canadians finally agreed to recognize this band of Ojibway's by claiming they were from various groups of Ojibway's who lived around Lake Nipigon. The 1850 Robinson-Superior Treaty was agreed upon by Ojibway leaders who were lied to by whites. White leaders knew the land north of Lake Superior was nearly all wetlands and contained an incredible number of small and large lakes. They didn't like it. As one went further north, the more unappealing the land is. The Ojibway Robinson-Superior Reservation community of Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan (aka Lake Nipigon) or First Naton, has a population of 3 according to a 2015 census. Their Reserve is very probably larger and possibly surrounds Lake Nipigon. Preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists to lead their people to the north, to avoid what happened. England lied.

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