Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Sucker Creek First Nation

This band of Ojibway Indians live on Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada. A conspiracy to confuse people about this Ojibway community is ongoing. According to 2016's census, this Ojibway Reserve has on on-Reserve population of 372. They have 144 housing units with all lived in. Average household size is 2.6 persons per household. It's originally name was Sucker Creek First Nation. Their ancestors signed 1836's Manitoulin Island Treaty which set aside all of Manitoulin Island to be an Ojibway Reserve. It's yet an Ojibway Reserve because they never agreed to cede all of Manitoulin Island Reserve. They eventually changed the name to Crows Nest which in Ojibway is pronounced as Aandeg'n Was. However, it goes by Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation which people are having difficulties with. Their community is small and is having problems preserving it's Ojibway heritage. As mentioned, their Reserve is really all of Manitoulin Island. Preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists to lead their people north and northwest of this Reserve. The Indian race is not going to survive there.

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