Beausoleil First Nation

These Ojibway Indians of Beausoleil (it's pronounced as Bo-so-lay-yay - it's a French word) First Nation have a population discrepancy. 2006 census reported their population at this Reserve to be 584, while 2011 census reported Beausoleil's population to be 1,249. 2016's census reported their population to be 614. Something is wrong at Beausoleil First Nation. They have to change their islands name. By identifying with Christian Islands, they are letting on that they are anti-Savior. Selecting an Ojibway name is worthwhile. If they continue to accept that deceptive name as their islands name, we will take that to mean they favor Genocide. A good name is Enamia Dodem or Atheist Nation. Place your detectives at this Ojibway Reserve. Spy on their leaders to find out if they were bribed to help whites exterminate Indians. You already know what happened yet I don't. I do know Indians are not going to survive there. Also preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists to migrate far north, northeast and northwest to avoid possible extermination. They will not follow Seven Fires Prophecy. Placing your detectives and soldiers at Beausoleil First Nation is manadatory.

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