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Ojibway Tribal Video News
(January 2019)

Whitefish River First Nation To Hold Elections On February 9, 2019

Webequie First Nation Receives Grant Money To Purchase Mobile Trailers For Visitors

Rynalea Pena Elected New President of Northern Cheyenne Reservation

Tony Wymer Murdered In Road Rage Incident At Uintah Ouray Reservation

Norman Copenace Suspicious Death At Onigaming First Nation Bothers Police

Mervin Payne & Crystal Anderson Killed In Awkward Crash At Flathead Reservation

Berens River First Nation

Located along Lake Winnipeg's eastern shores, Berens River is an Ojibway Kasba Reservation community. Berens Rivers has a population of 1,128 according to a 2016 census. Ojibway is spoken at this Kasba Reservation community yet is dying out. Out of a population of 1,128, only 345 know how to speak Ojibway. And many of them only know a few words.

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