Rocky Boy Tribe
Chippewa Indians of

Big Island First Nation

These Ojibway People followed Treaty 3 agreements until 1920s, when they supposedly gained legal band status or were forced by Canada, to agree to a break in treaty agreements. They lived throughout Aulneau Peninsula until 1950s. They were forced to relocate to Big Island Mainland No. 93 Reserve. In 1982, Canada forced another relocation to place these Ojibway People closer to whites. Most relocated to Saugagawsing No. 1 Reserve which is surrounded by many whites. Only a few continue to live at Big Island Mainland No. 93 Reserve. None live at that other Big Island Reserve.

On-Reserve population of Big Island (aka Naongashiing) First Nation, is 119. In Ojibway, Big Island is pronounced as Lendan'chi or chi'endan. Miniss is not an Ojibway word for island. In old Ojibway dictionaries, they gave clues to their real word for island. Minissing Endanakid is an Ojibway word for Islander. Since we know "miniss" is corrupted, we have to use "endan-akid." Minissing is a locative. What "Minissing Endanakid" means is "in island earthling." That "akid" is an actual Ojibway word for earthling so we can't use it. We have to use "endan." Correct word for islander in Ojibway is "En-daant." That's a clue they gave. Then we are aware of Manitoulin Island? It means "Spirit Island or Spirit Land." Manitou means spirit while Lin means land. We have to use an "l" as first letter in island in Ojibway. Thus, instead of "endan" we can also use "lendan" for island in Ojibway. Islander in Ojibway is either "En-daant" or "len-daant." In Ojibway, a "d or t" is used to denote a persons place or role in life. A "d or t" is placed at an end of an Ojibway word that denotes a persons role. Boat maker in Ojibway is "tchi-maant." Car maker in Ojibway is "da-baant." Big in Ojibwa is "chi." You can place a "chi" before "lendan" or chi'lendan." Or after "lendan" or "lendan'chi." Same for "endan."

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