Bloodvein First Nation

This is another Ojibway community located just east of Lake Winnipeg. This settlement, which is one of many Ojibway Kasba Reservation settlements, is located in an isolated region with no year round road access. Bloodvein First Nation population is 687 according to 2016's census. About a third of it's population speaks Ojibway. That includes about 10 who speak Cree dialect of Ojibway, at Bloodvein First Nation. Around 220 others speak either northwestern Ojibway Dialect or Saulteaux Ojibway Dialect. Ojibway People named this location Blood River as a result of a battle they fought against whites and their Eskimo allies before or during, War of 1812. In Ojibway, they pronounce this community as "Mis-kwi-o Sip-pi." Translated it means Blood River. At HBC or Hudson Bay Company, they changed it's name to Blood Vein.

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