Brokenhead First Nation

As with nearly all other Ojibway First Nations located around white settlements, a majority of Brokenhead Reserve population lives off Reserve. Brokenhead First Nation is just south of Lake Winnipeg and northeast of Selkirk. Population on-Reserve is 516. This Ojibway First Nation covers 5,688 hectares or 14,055 acres. This Ojibway Reserve is located very near an old location of St. Peters Reserve. They are descendants of some of those Ojibway's from old St. Peters Reserve. Few people speak Ojibway at Broken Head. Around 25 people living there, can speak some degree of Ojibway including around 5 who speak Cree Dialect of Ojibway. It's a lost language at this small Ojibway Nation. In Ojibway, they would pronounce Broken Head as "Gip-ig Shtig." Translated it means Cracked Head in Ojibway.

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