Rocky Boy Tribe
Chippewa Indians of

Buffalo Point First Nation of Manitoba

Their reserve is located along Manitoba's border with Minnesota, and not far from Lake of the Woods. Their history is closely linked to that of Ojibway's of Minnesota and North Dakota. Their Reserve covers 4,350 hectares or 10,749 acres. Since this band of Ojibway Indians have long had year round road access to nearby white settlements, they are dealing with problems arising out of that. According to 2016's census, Buffalo Point First Nation population is 481. However, don't be fooled by that. Leaders of Buffalo Point First Nation are looking out white leaders best interests. They don't care for Indians. They are allowing whites to invade and colonize their tiny nation. They have a total of 336 housing units. Most are owned by whites. Their population in 2011 was 162. So we know most of Buffalo Point's population is white. This Ojibway Reserve has been destroyed. It's history as a result of incompetent leadership.

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