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(January 2019)

Bunibonibee First Nation

Located 587 kilometers or 365 miles northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is First Nation of Bunibonibee. This Ojibway community of Bunibonibee, is one of many communities of Kasba Reservation, which is an Ojibway Reservation. This community has a population of 1,950 according to 2016's census. They are Northern Ojibways who are also known as Muskegos. Around 1,350 continue to speak Cree Dialect of Ojibway. Lewis and Clark called Cree Language Corrupted Ojibway. In 19th century, Ojibway People considered Cree to be inferior. Cree People are really Ojibway's who absorbed many Eskimos among them and some whites also. Their community is isolated.

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