Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Chemawawin First Nation

Located in the western part of central Manitoba, about 32 kilometers or 20 miles west of Grand Rapids, Manitoba, is the Ojibway Treaty Yellow Quill Reservation community of Chemawawin or First Nation. Total population is 1,420. They, the Saulteaux and Swampy Cree Ojibway's, are signatories to Treaty 5. Chem-ah-wa-win is an Anishinabe word. They can trace their origins to chiefs Yellow Quill and Kinistin. Kinistins efforts at leading the Ojibway's of southern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan, north into the caribou hunting lands of the Chipewyan is well known. However, today the citizens of Chemawawin don't know about chief Kinistins efforts leading the prophecy weary Ojibway's north. Most also don't know about Treaty 5. It is clearly written that the Saulteaux signed treaty 5 and settled there (Chemawawin). Ojibway leaders were not stupid. They would not settle for each family being allotted 160 and 100 acres of land and that would be their Reserve. They knew about the evil intentions of the whites. Read the Seven Fires Prophecy. What is written in the Treaty 5 text are lies. You know Ojibway leaders would not agree to cede everything and accept Genocide. Read the text carefully because the whites are promoting (letting known their real intentions) Genocide in that fraudulent treaty.

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