Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Christian Island First Nation

Ojibway Indians population at Christian Island First Nation has more than doubled in 5 years. 2006 census reported their population at this Reserve to be 584, while 2011 census reported Beausoleil's population to be 1,249. Something is wrong. 2016 population estimate reported Beausoleil's population to be 639. They possibly made a mistake during their 2011 census. They have to change their islands name. By identifying with Christian Island, they are letting on that they are anti-Messiah. Selecting an Ojibway name is worthwhile. If they continue to accept Christian Island as their islands name, we will take that to mean they favor Genocide. A good name is Enamia Dodem or Atheist Nation. According to that 2011 census, Beausoleil has 442 housing units. If that's correct it means their population must in fact be 1,249. Beausoleil has 442 housing units according to that 2011 census. Average household size is around 2.8 persons per household. They are allowing whites to invade and colonize their Reserve. Below is a link to a map of our Enamia Dodem Reservation. It shows an area which includes other Ojibway Reserves. They include: Batchewana; Chippewa's of Nawash (Neyaashiinig); Chippewa's of Rama; Dokis; Enamia Dodem (Christian Island); Garden River (Kitigan Sippi); Henvey Inlet; Magnetawan; Mississagi; Nipissing; Pikwakanagan; Point Grondine; Sagamok; Serpent River (Kinnibic Sippi); Shawanaga; Sheshegwan; Sheguiandah; Sucker Creek (Ondegin Waas or Crows Nest); Thessalon; West Bay (Michig or M'Chigeeng); Whitefish Lake (Gami Atigameg); Whitefish River (Sippi Atigameg); Wikwemikong and Zhiibaahaasing. Including them as being within our Enamia Dodem Reservation is mandatory. Why? We have every right!

Chief Rocky Boy

In December of 1921, chief Crazy Boy who may have been chief Rocky Boy (historians claim they were brothers), met with Cascade County, Montana leaders in Great Falls to negotiate for land. At that time, 1,000's of Ojibway's continued to live around Great Falls and American leaders wanted them out of Montana. Americans had been forcefully relocating Montana Ojibway's out of Montana since 1895, if not decades earlier. We know an Ardoch Land Claim is about chief Rocky Boy's Montana Ojibway's. There was another forced relocation between 1921 and up to 1945. Some Montana Ojibway People were relocated to Hawaii. We have been told to find evidence along a trail by Seven Fires Prophecy. We have convincing evidence. Wahta Mohawk Territory (from 1881) and Moose Point (from 1917).

Williams Treaty of 1923

White historians and leaders are trying to fool you. It was only one treaty. It was signed in either October or November of 1923. It did not cede land as white historians and leaders are pretending it did. What Williams Treaty did was set aside a vast Ojibway Reserve between Pembroke, southeast to near Calabogie, then southwest to Lake Simcoe. Then to Orillia. Then northwest to near Port Severn. It then followed Lake Huron's northeast coastline to Wanapitei Rivers mouth. It then follows Wanapitei River to French River, then north to Alban, then east to Lake Nipissing. It follows Lake Nipissing's southern shores west, then north, then east to Nipissing First Nation. It then follows Lake Nipissing's northern shores east to North Bay, then east to Mattawa. It then follows Ontario's border with Quebec, back to Pembroke. White leaders including white Indians, are trying to fool you into thinking it's much smaller and has nothing to do with chief Rocky Boy.

Canada's Terrible Awakening

In 2016, Algonquin's of Ontario Agreement In Principle is ratified and signed by Ontario's Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation David Zimmer and Northern Affairs Canada Minister Carolynn Bennet and Algonquin Negotiation Representatives. It's illegal or fraudulent. This fraudulent settlement between Canada and Bogus Ojibway's, have agreements to recommend and they are: 117,500 acres of crown land Reserved for Algonquin's; $300,000,000 to Algonquin's (a reason and only reason they will accept this fraudulent settlement); and defined Algonquin rights related to lands and natural resources. We the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians, do not recognize this act of treason on Canada's part or Canada's refusal to honor treaty agreements. We were set aside a vast Reservation in 1923 that we claim as ours. A map of our Reservation is below the Upper Canada Land Cessions Map. We don't accept that portion of Williams Treaties land area adjacent to Lake Ontario and north to near Port Severn. That land area was ceded nearly 100 years before 1923. It's another ruse used by whites. We know right from wrong.

Upper Canada Land Cessions Map

Enamia Dodem Reservation

They are many Ojibway communities or Reserves within our Reservation we will name Enamia Dodem (Atheist Nation) Ojibway Reservation. There are also several Algonquin communities which are listed below, we will accept. That includes even if their domains are outside our Reservation boundaries.

Big Rideau Algonquin First Nation
Bobís Lake Algonquin First Nation
Bonnechere Algonquin Community
Calabogie Algonquin First Nation
Eagle Lake Algonquin First Nation
Eel Lake Algonquin First Nation
Fall River Algonquin First Nation
Kitchesipirini Algonquin First Nation
Mattawachen Algonquin First Nation
Ottawa Algonquin First Nation
Sharbot Lake Algonquin First Nation
Tay River Algonquin First Nation

Place your detectives at these Ojibway Reserves. Spy on their leaders to find out if they were bribed to help whites exterminate Indians. You already know what happened yet I don't. I do know Indians are not going to survive there. However, they can establish communities in their domains, far from any white settlements. Also preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists to migrate far north, northeast and northwest to avoid possible extermination. They will not follow Seven Fires Prophecy. Placing your detectives at all those Reserves is manadatory.

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