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(January 2019)

Constance Lake First Nation

This Ojibway Reserve is located in northern Ontario. Below are google earth photos of Constance Lake. These Ojibway's are a part of an Ojibway District known as Albany River. It's by way of Kenogami River which flows south from Albany River. Kenogami means Fish Lake in Ojibway. It flows further south to Fox River near Mammamattawa or Ma-ma-ma-da-wa. Near Mammattawa is a fascinating place. Ke-no-ga-mi or Ke-nog-a-mi River, Nagagami River, Squirrel River and Fox River are located a mile or less from each other. It was well guarded by Ojibway Soldiers, from Albany River and Kenogami Rivers confluence, to Lake Kabinakagami. Going down Kenogami River to where it merges with Albany River, English and Eskimo invaders built their first inland fort. In those times or 1743 when Henvey House or fort was built (a year later a third French and Indian War commenced which is also known as King George's War), Kenogami River was called English River by English invaders. Ojibway Soldiers guarded that region. War intensified during late 1740's and 1750's. It's location was very diverse. Some forested areas yet much of it was swamp land or wetlands. Thus, why them English invaders and their Eskimo allies, built their fort where Kenogami River merges with Albany River. Moose River was another important location. It leads to Michipicoten at Lake Superior. They are not signatories to Treaty 9.

They were considered as being from Albany Band at Fort Albany and Kashechewan. English River or Kenogami River, was a location these Ojibway's frequented and where they lived principally. They were forced to relocate several times as a result of white greed. Pagwa was considered a location but white leaders were not cooperative. They were finally relocated to Constance Lake where a community was established in 1945. They also have English River Reserve which has yet to be colonized by them. Their district extends from Fort Albany and Kashechewan at James Bay, to Albany River and Kenogami Rivers confluence, to Lake Kabinakagami, between Moose River at James Bay, to Long Lake and Ogoki River to their west. North of them are Maskego Ojibways or Swampy Ojibways or Sha-ma-da-wa Ojibway's. East of them are Abitibiwinni Ojibways. Their district extends from Moose River or Moose Factory and Moosonee at James Bay, south to Lake Abitibi or even further south, to east of Amos, Quebec or Pikogan, Quebec. Their language is North Ojibwe or Severn Ojibwe (aka Oji-Cree). According to a 2016 census, Constance Lake First Nation has an on-Reserve population of 590.

Photo of Constance Lake From Above

Photo of Constance Lake From Road

Photo of Constance Lake From Road

Photo of Constance Lake From Road

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