Enamiiad Dodim
Atheist Nation

Crane River First Nation

This Saulteaux Ojibway First Nation is a part of Kinistin's Band of Ojibway's. On-Reserve population according to 2016's census, is 444. They have 120 dwellings with 106 lived in. Average household size of this Ojibway Kasba Reservation community is 4.0 persons per household. Ojibway Language has died out at Crane River First Nation. They have no organized settlements at Crane River. All housing units which number 120, are located along roads within this community including Highway 481, where about half of their housing units are located, and a couple other roads. Crane River Ojibway's are closely related to Swan River Band of Ojibway's who are Cote, Keeseekoose (they were led by chief Keeseekoose), Pine Creek, Sapotaweyak, The Key, Wuskwi Sipihk and Yellow Quill. They are also closely related to Waterhen or Skownan Ojibway's and Ebb & Flow Ojibway's. They signed Treaty 2 on August 21, 1871. They were classed as being from Crane River and Ebb & Flow. In Ojibway, they'd name their domain "Ad-ji-ja-do Sip-pi" yet they instead use a Cree word to name their domain. That's a no, no.

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