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Duncan's First Nation

Located in northwestern Alberta, about 25 miles from Peace River, the Anishinabe Duncan's First Nation has a total of two Reserves which makes up their first nation. What the whites are doing in that region is outright cowardly. They are filling up the land with filth to prove just how selfish and cowardly they are. You only need to read about the non status Lubicon Nation of the region to the west and what they are telling other Indian people. The same is also happening in the region between Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, to south of Fort McMurray, Alberta where the Chicken Prairie First Nation is. The same is also happening within the territory of the non status O'Chiese of the region between Sundre, the O'Chiese-Sunchild Reserve, Drayton Valley, Wildwood, Whitecourt, Swan Hills, south of Lesser Slave Lake, westward to Valleyview, to Grand Prairie, to just east of the Saulteau First Nation of British Columbia. The whites are resorting to forcing the non status Anishinabe people of those large regions, to accept extermination.

The filth they are littering their land up with is killing off the wildlife the non status Anishinabe people rely upon for subsistence. It is also destroying their lands vegetation. Anishinabe leaders must protect their land on their own by studying the affects the filth the whites are filling their land up with, has on the wildlife and vegetation, and take measures to defend the wildlife (make certain their numnbers increase instead of decrease), and replant their land with new native vegetation which has strong resistence to what the white invader has injested in to their land. The whites are not going to stop their selfish and cowardly ways. They want to exterminate not only Indians but all non whites including mixed bloods.

The Reserve population is 142. The Duncan's Reserves cover a total area of 2,425 hectares or 5,992 acres. The Anishinabe people of this First Nation are of northern Ojibwa origins or Muskego or Muskegowuk, which means Swampy People in Anishinabe. The whites call them Swampy Cree. Both the Plains Cree and Woodland Cree, are extensions of the northern most Ojibwa's. Below is a link to a map of the Duncan Reserve.


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