Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Enoch First Nation

Located only a few miles north of Edmonton, Alberta, the Anishinabe Enoch First Nation has a total of two Reserves which makes up their First Nation. They cover a total area of 5,308 hectares or 13,116 acres. The Reserve population is 1,578. They have to share a similar history with the Alexander, Alexis, and Paul First Nations. In fact, their second Reserve appears to be located where one of the Alexis Reserves is. That is the region where Birch Lake and Lac Ste. Anne are. Their second Reserve has the name of Stony Plain 135A, while the larger main Reserve has the name of Stony Plain 135. Supposedly their second Reserve covers only 2 hectares or 5 acres. It is no coincidence that they are named Stony. They signed Treaty 6. Below are two links to maps of the two Enoch First Nation Reserves.

Map of main Reserve

Birch Lake Enoch and Alexis Reserve

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