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I Need Your Help

Recently i started advertising offline to get members for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. That is not going well with white future earthlings. They are resorting to what they did to me in 1983. If they destroy me, it means Genocide. China must invade those non white nations they are in or near. They have to protect all non white nations. Seven Fires Prophecy tells non whites they can't trust whites. That is the truth. We know it is the truth. Follow my offline advertising. I am placing ads in the Glacier Reporter (it's circulation is at Browning and the surrounding region), Cut Bank Pioneer Press, Shelby Promotor and The Valierian. All 4 papers carry the ad. They are owned by the same company. I know something is wrong. Money is involved. Find out if my ad is being placed in the Glacier Reporter. If you find out they are up to no dam good in any way, send your soldiers out to find the culprits including if it applies, the era they are from, and lay complete waste to the family trees of all who are participating in the conspiracy. We are dealing with Genocide. Torture to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable, as many of them as you consider necessary. I don't trust whites. We have been told not to trust whites. I can't tell on my own if they are intruding or if i am dealing with my intended goals. I suspect they will do anything to stop my rise to power. I have not forgotten what they did to me in 1983. I didn't ask for that. I was violated. What they have to do is leave me alone so i can try and get members for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. As soon as i get enough Representatives, a Letter of Intent will be sent to the BIA requesting for Federal recognition. Letters of Intent will also be sent to those Reservations and Reserves in North America, Dominica, Guyana and St. Vincent in the Caribbean, requesting for tribal recognition. Since Indian leaders will not do anything to defend the Indian race from being exterminated, they will suffer the ultimate punishment. Do not let them live again in the future. Let them get a laugh out of that. White leaders don't want anything to do with non whites. White leaders are not going to allow billions of Indians and blacks and other non whites, who lived around the Mediterranean Sea, America's and the Pacific to live again. That is not going to happen. We have to take care of our own dead. The Seven Fires Prophecy tells you Not to Trust whites because they will try and fool you. That will be taken seriously.

Foothills Ojibway Society & History

Likely another band of Albertan Ojibway's who participated in 1885s Northwest Rebellion, Foothills Ojibway Society of Alberta are currently non status, which means they are landless to whites but not to FOS. Below is a google earth map of their territory. Their population is around 250 near Hinton, Alberta yet there are others who live further way. They are related to O'Chiese Ojibway's yet quite unlike them, Foothills Ojibway Society leaders have not gained recognition nor a Reserve in Alberta. Some speculate Foothills Ojibway Society (FOS) are related to Ta-twa-sin Ojibway's who lived at Buffalo Lake in south central Alberta, which is 100 miles east of O'Chiese-Sunchild Reserve and 16 miles southeast of Montana Reserve which includes Ermineskin, Louis Bull, and Samson Reserves. All four Reserves are really one Reserve. They supposedly left Buffalo Lake in 1887, for land near Rocky Mountain House.

Chief Rocky Boy

He is important to Ojibway's of Alberta and this is why: Chief Rocky Boy often ventured up to Alberta to summer there. In Montana, chief Rocky Boy is very well known. He had several brothers including On-e-na-co (newspaper reports wrote his name as Winnie Naco), Bag-in-a-gi-sik, O-kin-i-geh and Wa-ka-ki-sik. There is another who was named Pen-ne-to. Chief Rocky Boy supposedly had four brothers. However, Penneto proves something's out of place. Onenaco was probably chief Rocky Boy. Chief Rocky Boy probably rose to power during 1895 and 1896s Ojibway Deportations out of Montana. Around 1899, he was contacted by chief Day Child from Crow Reservation. They forced Ojibway leaders of Crow Reservation to cede their Reservations northern portion in 1899. It became official in 1904. Chief Rocky Boy led 100s of Ojibway's from Crow Reservations ceded portion (American leaders would not let them move south to what remained of Crow Reservation because they continued to cling to their Ojibway Nationality), to near Anaconda and Butte, sometime between 1899 and 1901. Below is a news aticle from a Monday June 17, 1901 Butte Inter Mountain Newspaper edition. Read it carefully. First mention in newspapers of chief Rocky Boy that i know of, is from a Monday July 8, 1901 Butte Inter Mountain newspaper edition. However, chief Winnie Naco was probably chief Rocky Boy. At that time (June and July of 1901) chief Rocky Boy was living near Anaconda. His real name was probably Crazy Man or Naco Winni. FOS leaders know about Nak-co-wi-ne-wak Nation of Alberta. They included a plural or "wak." Translated it means Crazy Men. FOS know right from wrong. Both Foothills Ojibway Society and Nakcowinewak, are related to O'Chiese Ojibway's. Only difference is they refused to sign Treaty 6, while O'Chiese leaders did on May 25, 1944 and May 13, 1950.

Other Braves of the Aggregation
Are Not So Sensitive, However,
and Show Pleasure When
Told to Look Pleasant
—Encampment at

(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda. June 17.—During the past
few weeks many persons bent on seeing
Indian life in its crude state have
visited the tepees of Winnie Naco, the
Chippewa Indian Chief, who has located
his camp at a typical spot about 12
miles north of Anaconda, where the surroundings
are wild, weird and strange.
The habitations of the white man are
nowhere to be seen but the whole expanse
of prairie surrounding the camp
seems left to the Indians as a grazing
ground for their ponies, and Winnie Naco's
band has a large herd of them.

Winnie presides over the destines of
about 100 of his fellow redskins. His is
a roving band which spends several
months in the year across the Canadian
border where they really belong. Being
Canadian Indians they have no reservation
to go to on this side of the
line, consequently are entitled to no rations
of blankets from Uncle Sam. By
force of circumstances they are required
to hustle for their own living.

O'Chiese First Nation - Sunchild First Nation

So you see an obvious connection between Albertan Ojibway's and Montana Ojibway's. Chief Rocky Boy was native to Montana. One account gave his birth location between Anaconda and Butte, while another gave his birth location as north central Montana. He was not born in Wisconsin as white historians have written. After Deportations commenced in 1895, Montana Ojibway's kept in contact with Albertan Ojibway's. That probably stopped before 1910. Of course, Ojibway's are native to Alberta yet we have to deal with those forced Deportations Montana Ojibway's went through. Both FOS and Nakcowinewak are a mixture of Albertan and Montana Ojibway's. They are related to Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana (aka Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana) and must unite with them. We (Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana) will include them as citizens of Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana.

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