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Garden Hill First Nation

Located in far northeastern Manitoba, is Garden Hill First Nation. It's located adjacent to Island Lake and is one of 4 Ojibway communities that are considered Island Lake Ojibway's. On-Reserve population of Garden Hill First Nation is 2,591 according to a 2016 census. They have 611 housing units with 507 lived in. Average household size is 5.1 persons per household. Some 1,980 speak Ojibway at Garden Hill First Nation. So around 1,980 speak Severn Ojibway Language Dialect or Oji-Cree, at Garden Hill First Nation. According to some familiar with their history, they do not consider their language Ojibway. They love to think of themselves as distinct. They consider "oji" derogatory or think it means "a fly" in their language which is Ojibway and they know it! They do not consider themselves Cree nor do they consider themselves Ojibway. Below is important historical information about these Ojibway Folks from Island Lake, that's taken a long time to investigate. You'll see Nekawawuck written on the maps. They are northern Ojibway's who forced their way far north to combat invading English and Eskimos and their Idiotic Ojibway allies known as Cree who were sent north from Lake Superior by chief Sagima in the 16th century. Due to their peaceful demeanor, they were easily lured to Hudson Bay Company Trade Posts along Hudson Bay and James Bay's shores. Northern Ojibway's named them Rabbits because of their food supply and their reluctance to fight. A vicious war was going on in late 17th century and 18th century, in Manitoba.

Andrew Graham wrote in 1775 that it was his opinion that Northern Ojibway's had gradually forced their way north as the Keiskatchewan or Lowland Cree receeded or retreated southwest. In 1741, whites were causing trouble or war, east of Appalachian Mountains which became King Georges 1744-1748 War. 10,000's of Ojibway People migrated far north, to support those Ojibway's that were sent to northern Manitoba, fight those Ojibway's that sided with whites and their Eskimo allies. William W. Warren knew about the northern most Ojibway's. He named them O-mush-ke-goag. It means Swamp People. However, Warren wrote he wrote their names using a plural. So O Mush-ke-goag means "Swamp Peoples." You'd have to write it O Mush-ke-go to attain correct pronunciation of Swamp People! Warren named the Cree Kenistenoag yet did not include what their name meant. Warren defined all other Ojibway Tribes names or what they meant! In 1741, Hudson Bay Company was startled by an appearance of Ojibway's at or near York Factory. It was war that brought them to northeast Manitoba. Northern Ojibway's increased their presence near York Factory and intensified war against whites and their Eskimo and idiotic Ojibway allies named Cree. Many Eskimos and Cree's were captured by Ojibway Soldiers and as was their customs, Ojibway leaders mixed their language with that of Eskimos. Andrew Graham reported that since 1762 (Pontiac's War), the Lake Indians (Northern Ojibway's) had abandoned their rich hunting grounds and hid near York Factory. Every now and then they'd visit York Factory to trade for Brandy.

By 1775, there was a noticeable increase in numbers of Northern Ojibway's HBC staff also named Na-ka-wa-wuck or Ne-ka-wa-wuck. HBC staff were concerned because Northern Ojibway's were now at York Factory or considered by HBC staff, to be native to the York Factory region. Ojibway Soldiers had drove Eskimos and Cree's southwest and northwest. They now controlled nearly all of Manitoba and the so called Revolutionary War was being secretly planned by English leaders that agreed to break Proclamation of 1763. In 1771, Andrew Graham wrote that Northern Ojibway's command all lakes from York Fort Rivers (Hayes and Nelson Rivers) to locations much further south, leaving Eskimos and Cree's little land. Graham reported that some 60 families of Lake Indians had control of hunting which HBC Forts were dependant on. Graham drew a map of Northern Ojibway (Ne-ka-wa-wuck) Territory in 1774. It's below. He tried fooling you by drawing a line showing the Eskimo and Cree retreat southwest and northwest. Northern Ojibway Territory extended to far north Manitoba and into what is now Nunavut. Historians try dismissing it! Keskatchewan and Beaver Indians are also written on the maps. Cree People are really Athabascan Ojibway's. Their real Tribal name is Beaver Indians. An excerpt from 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia proving Cree are Athabascan Ojibway's is below! They caused Ojibway Nation much trouble or Civil War! Ojibway Soldiers drove the Cree to Alberta and British Columbia.

Below is an excerpt from a pdf file. Read it carefuly! This Ojibway word O-ji-bi-wa means write about an object or describe an object. They've been warned whites will fool them! Was it not whites that wrote the first Ojibway Dictionaries? They put a "d" before a "j," in many Ojibway words for a purpose. An example is "Bemidji." Of course, it's pronounced "Be-mid-g." They apparently placed the "d" before a "j," to let you know how the Ojibway word is pronounced. Do you see a "d" before the "j" in Ojibway? In old Ojibway Dictionaries, they write the Ojibway word for "fly" using a "d." This is how it's written: Odji. Ojibway is also pronounced O-jib-be-way." They pronounce "O-ji-bi-wa" differently. It's "O-zhi-bi-wa." Early books about Ojibway People includes A Dictionary of the Ojibway Language and History of the Ojibway People." Both are from the 1850's. You noticed neither used a "d" in Ojibway! You can't find "Ojibway" in the old dictionary. However, there's the word O-ji-bi-wa. It's definition is "Scribe" which means "person that copies documents." You can obviously hear "Chippewa" in "O-zhi-bi-wa." In Ojibway, they place either a "d" or a "t," at ends of words denoting a persons occupation.

If they don't want to follow prophesy, they will be destroyed. They have been warned by prophesy what will happen if they don't heed the warnings! They have selected their fate. They have told me and other Ojibway's, to screw off! I'm going to enforce law! Citizens of Garden Hill First Nation and all other Oji-Cree communities, are charged with Desertion during time of war and forging a false nationality during time of war. They are now at the mercy of non white entities from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2020). Oji-Cree communities, don't know that there are non white entities from far in the future looking out for them. Since Oji-Cree Folks have Deserted, i strongly encourage those non white entities from far in the future, to do what they like to folks at those Oji-Cree communities. I'm very aware of prophesy and what will happen if prophesy is not followed and so are they! If you are Ojibway and live at Oji-Cree communities and want pardoned, fill out the form below requesting amnesty! Those non white entities from far in the future, are so advanced they'll know who you are (that includes if you don't use Ojibway to identify yourself as) and grant you amnesty! It also means you have to follow prophesy which i will keep preserved! If you refuse to accept an Ojibway Nationality, you will be removed from protection.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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