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God's Lake First Nation

Located in far northeastern Manitoba, not too far from western Shores of Hudson Bay, is an Ojibway Kasba Reservation community known as Gods Lake First Nation, which means (Ma-sid-in Ga-mi) in Ojibway. Word for God in Ojibway is from either "Form & Shape" which is "i-zhi-na-go-si-win" or "Painting" which is "Ma-si-nit-chi-gan." Excluding a past tense, plural and present tense from "Ma-si-nit-chi-gan," it becomes "Ma-si." A "d" or a "t" is added to a word signifying a persons role in life in Ojibway Language. Thus, to paint is also to form and shape. Adding a "d" to "Ma-si" makes an Ojibway word for "Creator" which is "Ma-sid." Since Ojibway People had no word for god, they used "Creator" instead. In Ojibway Language, their word for "Ghost" is "Man-i-to." Gods Lake First Nation population is 982 according to a 2016 census. This community is an Ojibway community. Read Treaty 5 text. We also know that Northern Ojibway Territory extended to Nelson River and much further north. According 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, Ojibway People gave rise to Cree People, Chipewyan People, Copper People and Dogrib People. Staff at HBC named Northern Ojibway People "Nakawawuck or Nekawawuck and Lake Indians." Andrew Graham wrote in 1771, that Ojibway's forced their way to York Fort (aka York Factory) in 1762 or during Pontiac's War. They were there to prevent white expansion inland. They did trade now and then according to Andrew Graham who also wrote that Northern Ojibway People commanded all lakes (thus why they were named Lake Indians) from York Fort Rivers (Nelson River and Hayes River), leaving Lowland Cree (they were really Eskimos) very little room between them and Hudson Bay. Staff at HBC trade posts named Cree People "Beaver Indians and Keskatchewan Indians." As more Ojibway Soldiers were sent north, Keskatchewan People or Beaver People who are Ojibway also, retreated west and southwest. Northern Keskatchewan People were named Beaver Indians. Below are 18th century maps that can help you. Frenchmans Lake and Little Sea are Lake Winnipeg. On their left, are latitude numbers which are from 48 to 58 north latitude. Notice how Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba are situated? Almost horizontal instead or vertical. It looks like whoever drew that map, was looking northwest. Churchill looks like Northern Ojibway Territory's north boundary which was possibly Churchill River. However, Churchill is at 58 north latitude. York Fort (aka York Factory) is at 57 north latitude. During their war against whites and their Eskimo allies who were stationed at white forts around Hudson Bay and James Bay, Ojibway Soldiers captured many Eskimos and absorbed them into their population. Gods Lake First Nation has an Eskimo mixture within their population. Closer to Hudson Bay and James Bay, more Eskimo blood is within Ojibway communities.

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