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(January 2019)

Halfway River First Nation

This Ojibway Treaty 8 Reservation community is located in northeastern British Columbia, northwest of Fort St. John, and home to both a Beaver Tribe and Ojibway's. Total population of Halfway River is 172, according to 2016's census. That does not include Halfway River citizens who live in white communities. This Beaver Tribe are really Amikwa Ojibway's. Besides being known as Amikwa and Nez Perce, Amikwa Ojibway's are also known as Beavers or Beaver. Amikwa means Beaver in Ojibway. At least an eastern Ojibway Dialect. They were a part of Hudson Hope Indian Band. They were to cowardly to follow prophecy and broke away from them in 1971. However, they are yet closely related to Moberly Lake Saulteau Ojibway's. They controlled land along them Rocky Mountains well north of Halfway River, south to Intersection Mountain in British Columbia, which is almost adjacent to British Columnia's border with Alberta. Rocky Mountain Trench (real Continental Divide) was possibly their western boundary. To their south and southwest, are Shuswap Ojibway's. We know Athabascan People or Dene People, are Algonquin's.

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