Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Island Lake First Nation (Ministikwan)

Located 110 kilometers or around 85 miles southwest of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, is the Anishinabe Island Lake First Nation, which is one of the many communities of the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation. It is also known as the Ministkwan First Nation. Ministikwan should be listed under that of the Jackfish Lake Saulteaux of Saskatchewan. The events between 1900 and 1920, indicate a relationship between the communities exists. The Island Lake First Nation was considered to be a part of the Onion Lake First Nation. Canada refused to recognize the leaders (actually the First Nation) of the Onion Lake First Nation because they participated in the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. In 1909, the Island Lake First Nation was recognized by the Department of Indian Affairs after they requested for a Reserve in 1907. It nearly coincides with what the Moosomin and Thunderchild First Nations, experienced in 1908-1909. An indication they are related to the Moosomin and Thunderchild First Nations, is what Canada did in 1914. Canada removed 10,279 acres from the Island Lake Reserve that year. The population of this Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation community is 870.

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