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(January 2019)

Kiashke Zaaging First Nation

This community of Ojibway's of Kiashke Zaaging, live just southwest of Lake Nipigon. 1850's Robinson-Superior Treaty was agreed upon by Ojibway leaders who were lied to by whites. White leaders knew land north of Lake Superior was nearly all wetlands and contained an incredible number of small and large lakes. They didn't like it. As one went further north, more unappealing land is. White leaders sent their negotiators to Ojibway leaders and reached a treaty agreement in which they left them a large Reserve. White leaders lied. Per treaty agreements, Ojibway leaders agreed to allow whites to build roads including railroads, establish trading posts, and to lumber and mineral rights. This Ojibway Robinson-Superior Reservation community of Ki-ash-ke Wi-kred or First Naton, has an on-Reserve population of 247, according to a 2016 census. Their use of Ki-ash-ke Zaa-ging means Gull in Ojibway. However, their use of a locative (ing) is not necessary. Don't know what Ki-ash-ke Zaag means. Should be pronounced as Gai (as in guy) - ashk Wi-kred. However, since it was difficult to pronounce, they used Gai-ash-ke Wi-kred and Gai-ash-ke Sip-pi, instead. They have 102 dwellings with 79 lived in. Average household size is 3.1 persons per household.

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