Kitcisakik First Nation

Located in Quebec, Kitcisakik First Nation is of Anishinabe origins. They live in a area in Quebec where a white poplation is almost non existent. Their nation is located in a area where wildlife is abundant. Kitcisakik First Nation Algonquin Ojibway's live in dwellings which have no electricity and running water. There is a vast land around them which is not developed. Try searching for their community online and it will be very difficult. Canada likely reserved large areas of land for Kitcisakik First Nation Algonquins yet broke treaty. To find this somewhat isolated Ojibway community using google earth, use this coordination: 4737'2.11"N 7718'27.65"W. According to 2016's census, their on-Reserve population is 274. They have 105 dwellings with 82 lived in. Average household size is 3.4 persons per household. Ojibway Language (Algonquin Dialect) is widely spoken. Around 110 continue to speak Ojibway there. Don't get them confused with Kebaowek. Their a different community.

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