Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Little Pine First Nation

Located near Paynton, Saskatchewan, is the Anishinabe Little Pine First Nation which is connected to the Poundmaker Reserve. There are a total of three Reserves which make up this First Nation. They cover 24,681 total hectares or 60,988 total acres. When including the Poundmaker Reserve, the area covers 60,147 hectares or 148,605 acres. The Reserve population is 781. When including the population of Poundmaker it is 1,547. Ogima Little Pine fled south to Montana after ogima Ayimisis or Little Bear, after the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. Other Anishinabe leaders who fled south into Montana were Little Poplar and Lucky Man. Ogima Little Pine or Minahikosis, evidently passed away the same year of 1885. After the Lucky Man Reserve was eradicated as a result of the numerous subjects of ogima Lucky Man relocating to the west or to their native Montana, the few who stayed in Saskatchewan merged with the citizens of the Little Pine Reserve. Below is a link to a map of the Little Pine-Poundmaker Reserve.


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