Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Lucky Man First Nation

Located east of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, is the Anishinabe Lucky Man First Nation. Historically, these Anishinabek originated in Montana and were driven out by the United States after the 1876-1877 war ended. They settled first in the Cypress Hills region then near Battleford, Saskatchewan. They were led by Chief Big Bear and one of his sub-chiefs who was ogima Lucky Man. In 1879, ogima Lucky Man was elected to represent 25 lodges of Anishinabek to sign an adhesion to treaty six. A few years later trouble arose between these Anishinabek under ogima Lucky Mans leadership and Canada, which was centered on ogima Lucky Mans demands to have his Reserve joined together with those of ogima Big Bear, ogima Little Pine, and ogima Poundmaker. Canadian leaders were in the mood to start trouble with these Anishinabek and refused the offer that ogima Lucky Man and the three other important Anishinabe ogimak, requested. They made it clear to Canadian leaders that they would only settle for a very large Reserve, instead of the tiny Reserves the Canadians offered. A war followed in 1885 known as the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. Ogima Lucky Man took part in the war. After the war, ogima Lucky Man led some of his subjects back down to their original Montana lands. Those left behind settled on ogima Little Pines Reserves. In 1989, Canadian leaders agreed to set aside 3,078 total hectares or 7,680 total acres for the present day Lucky Man Reserve. Total population is 111, with most (81) living off the Reserve, while 7 live on-Reserve, and 24 live on other reserves.


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