Mattagami First Nation

Located 57.7 miles or 92.8 kilomerts southwest of Timmins, Ontario, is an Ojibway community known as Mattagami First Nation. According to 2016's census, their on-Reserve population is 190. Their population is decreasing. They have 87 dwellings with 73 lived in. Average household size is 2.5 persons per household. Ojibway Language is no longer spoken at Mattagami First Nation. Origins of their name may be from Travel. In Ojibway Language, their word for Travel is "Ma-da." Like all languages, Ojibway Language has a plural, past tense and present tense. They don't have a future tense however. Translated, Mattagami means Travel Lake or Lake Travel, which Ojibway's of that location were experts at. Mattagami Lake, which their town is located adjacent to, allowed them to sail it up to Moosinee which is located at James Bay. Mattagami First Nation history is known. After Ojibway leaders learned those evil people mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy had invaded in very eary 16th century, they sent 10,000's of their soldiers and their families west, to fight those white invaders. They were led by ogima Sagima. He led large numbers of Ojibway's to Ottawa River from Manitoulin Island, then sailed up river. They scattered about between James Bay, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Obedjiwan, Quebec. They eventually colonized St. Lawrence River Valley. One of their descendants are from Mattagami First Nation of Ontario.

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