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(January 2019)

Mishipicoten First Nation

This band of Ojibway's live in northern Ontario. Below are google earth photos of this Ojibway Town. On-Reserve population of Mishipicoten First Nation is, according to a 2016 census, 77. They have 38 dwellings with 37 lived in. Average household size is 1.9 persons per household. Ojibway Language has died out there. Mishipicoten are obviously signatories to 1850's Robinson-Huron Treaty. Chief Nebenaigoch possibly signed for Mishipicoten. Land set aside for them is included with Batchewana area of land set aside for them. Whites are liars.

We have to extend this Reserve to Michipicoten Reserve, which is located almost adjacent to Wawa, Ontario. Not just because of Michipicoten yet of an important location to Batchewana Ojibway's, which is Gargantua Harbour, where an Ojibway town named Win-di-go, was located. Even in 2007, Ojibway leaders were yet claiming Windigo as theirs.

Mica Bay Rebellion of 1849

This incident led to 1850's Robinson-Huron and Robinson-Superior Treaties. In 1849, white mining companies established mines at Mica Bay which is about 50 to 60 miles or 80 to 96 kilometers south of Michipicoten. It was quickly learned of by Ojibway leaders. They sent many Ojibway Soldiers to those mines to destroy them. In response, England sent over 100 soldiers to put this rebellion down. It led to 1850's Robinson-Huron and Robinson-Superior Treaties. Ojibway Soldiers were led by chief Shing-wa-cos (Garden River) and chief Ne-be-nai-goch of Batchewana. White Soldiers had repeating rifles and revolvers yet Ojibway Soldiers stood their ground. Michipicoten, Mississaga and Thessalon were also involved. A Treaty agreement was reached in 1850, to set aside a large Ojibway Reservation along Lake Superiors eastern shores and Lake Huron's northern shores. Whites deliberately wrote that their Reserve was so many miles this way and that way. However, Ojibway leaders considered 1 mile to be 1 league or 3 miles. This Ojibway Reserve is very large and yet exists. We don't recognize 1859's Pennyfather Treaty. It's fraudulent.

Map of Batchewana Reserve

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