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Ministikwan First Nation

These Saulteaux Ojibway People are adjacent to Onion Lake and Thunderchild on their east. They are really within Big Bear's Reserve. Below are google earth photos of their community. They are a part of Jackfish Lake Saulteaux Ojibway People (aka Sunchild) of Saskatchewan. Ministikwan First Nation has two communities. Ministikwan First Nation has an on-Reserve population of 847 according to 2016's census. They have 192 dwellings with 168 lived in. Average household size is 5.0 persons per household. Around 165 speak Corrupted Ojibway which is what Lewis and Clark called Cree Language. In 1876, chief Big Bear fled his native Montana for Alberta's and Saskatchewan's Cypress Hills. He agreed to sign treaty and relocate 100's of miles north to near Fort Pitt, where his Ojibway subjects found many locations to live. One is Ministikwan First Nation which supposedly means Island Head. Your not fooling me by claiming you are Cree. I'm enforcing law! You are charged with Desertion during time of war and Forging a False National Identity during time of war. That is an extremely serious crime! However, to appease non white entities from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2020) looking out for you, fill out form below requesting for amnesty. They are so advanced, they'll know who you are and also know if you refuse to identify as Ojibway. They will grant amnesty if you request it!

Satellite Image of Ministikwan

Road Closeup

Road Closeup

Road Closeup

Road Closeup


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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