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Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation

This Ojibway Kasba Reservation community known as Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation, is located in northwestern Ontario. They are Sachigo Sippi (River) Ojibway's. Historically, leaders from Deer Lake First Nation did not sign Treaty 9 but did sign Treaty 5. However, their community is within Treaty 9 land area and historical records prove that about 75% of Ojibway People living at Island Lake (it's really Reindeer Lake in Manitoba and Saskatchewan) in 1909, moved to where Deer Lake, Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake, St. Theresa Point, Wasagamack, Bearskin Lake, Big Trout Lake, Keewaywin, Muskrat Dam Lake, North Spirit Lake, Sachigo Lake and Sandy Lake are in northwestern Ontario. Ojibway People already living in those locations didn't like it. Their on-Reserve population is 281 according to a 2016 census. They have 112 dwellings with 84 lived in. Average household size is 3.3 persons per household. Around 160 speak Ojibway at Muskrat Dam First Nation. This Ojibway community is isolated. Ojibway Soldiers were sent to this location to reinforce Ojibway People already living there in mid or late 17th century, to fight English and Eskimo invaders. Today, people living at Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation have Eskimo blood, as a result of capturing many of them and absorbing them into their population. They don't know they originally lived around Reindeer Lake and to it's north, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and into southern Nunavut. When they relocated southeast, they brought many Eskimos with them. Their being fooled.

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