Rocky Boy Tribe
Chippewa Indians of

Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation

This band of Ojibway Indians live just south of Brantford, Ontario. This Reserve or First Nation, is another example of whites brainwashing Ojibway People. Investigate their history and you'll understand they are from chief Rocky Boy's Montana Ojibway's. Why? In 1903, this Reserve was formally confirmed by Canada which means it's one of chief Rocky Boy's Reserves. From research, you will read that Ojibway leaders granted English whites land where this Reserve is, in 1793. Supposedly for Iroquois from New York. That's a lie. England at that time, did not have power to ask from Ojibway leaders, for land to provide to Iroquois from New York. It was Ojibway's from New York that requested from Ojibway leaders in southern Ontario, for permission to relocate to their territory. 1793's Treaty 4 is bogus. It's also known as Simcoe Patent. This Reserve really covers 950,000 acres. Only after War of 1812, did Ojibway leaders agree to cede land.

In 1837-1838, Rebellions happened in Upper Canada that resulted in this Reserve losing over 90% of it's land. Before 1837-1838's Rebellions, Ojibway leaders or least some of them, followed prophecy and gathered large numbers of their subjects, to migrate north and west. Loss of land or white leaders not honoring treaty agreements, forced these Ojibway leaders to follow prophecy. However, leaders of Canada did not want an Ojibway Exodus so they agreed to leave 46,000 acres of land to these Ojibway People who think they are not Ojibway. On June 15, 1903 Ojibway leaders bought 4,800 acres from Six Nations First Nation and an additional 1,200 acres. This Reserve covers an area of land of 52,214 acres. New Credit covers an area of 6,214 acres or 2,515 hectares. Their on-Reserve population is 740 according to 2016's census. Will they accept being from chief Rocky Boy's Montana Ojibway's? They need to learn about them.

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