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Donate for a Rebirth of an Ojibway Nation by using PAYPAL! Goal is Survival or to unite all Ojibway Reservations and Reserves into one Government. Other goals include gaining State or Federal recognition for Ojibway People not recognized for following treaty agreements, using fundraising to create Government Agencies and an eventual Tax! Samuel Poe will represent until, if allowed, enough funds are available to create a Government. If possible, donate money monthly! Anywhere from $1 to over $100 a month!

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North Caribou Lake First Nation

This Ojibway community known as North Caribou Lake First Nation (aka Weagamow), is located in northwestern Ontario. They are Sachigo Sippi (River) Ojibway's. Ojibway's called them "Sa-chi-go Sip-pi'ii." It means "Sachigo River People." It is an isolated settlement. Population of North Caribou Lake First Nation is 886 according to 2016's census. That does not include those living with whites. They have 266 dwellings with 241 lived in. Average household size is 3.7 persons per household. Around 430 speak Severn Ojibway Language at North Caribou Lake First Nation. Lake known as North Caribou, is actually well east of this isolated Ojibway town. They signed an adhesion to Treaty 9 in 1929. Recently, this isolated community had a bridge built which now connects it to white communities well to their south. It indicates doom! If they don't want to follow prophesy, they will be destroyed. There's a conspiracy at this Reserve, to promote being Cree! Your not fooling me by claiming you are Cree. I'm enforcing law! You are charged with Desertion during time of war and Forging a False National Identity during time of war. That is an extremely serious crime! However, to appease non white entities from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2020) looking out for you, fill out form below requesting for amnesty. They are so advanced, they'll know who you are and also know if you refuse to identify as Ojibway. They will grant amnesty if you request it!

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