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Norway House First Nation

Located about 194 kilometers or 121 miles south of Thompson, Manitoba, is this Ojibway Kasba Reservation community known as Norway House First Nation. It is an almost isolated community. Ferry access during summers keep this large community in contact with other surrounding communities. Their population is 4,927 according to a 2016 census. They have 1,206 dwellings with 1,105 lived in. Average household size is 4.4 persons per household. Around 1,455 speak Corrupted Ojibway Language which is what Lewis and Clark called Cree Language. Norway House First Nation signed adhesion to Treaty 5. Below is text from 1875's Treaty 5. You must remember that it happened in 1908. It involved land north of 57 north latitude. Norway House is at 53 north latitude. They had already signed Treaty 5 in 1875.

Satellite Image of Norway House


- 1908 -


Dated respectively: 8th July 1908; 15th July 1908; 24th August 1908.

WE, the undersigned principal men of the non-treaty Indians resident at the places hereinafter mentioned at which this adhesion has been signed having had communication of the Treaty with certain Bands of Saulteaux and Swampy Cree Indians, known as Treaty No. 5, hereby, in consideration of the provisions of the said Treaty being extended to us, it being understood and agreed that the said provisions shall not be retroactive, transfer, surrender and relinquish to His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, to and for the use of the Government of Canada, all our right, title, and privileges whatsoever, which we have or enjoy in the territory described in the said treaty, and every part thereof, to have and to hold to the use of His Majesty the King, and his heirs and successors forever.

And also, all our right, title and interest whatsoever to all other lands wherever situated, whether within the limits of any other treaty heretofore made, or hereafter to be made with the Indians, and whether the said lands are situated in the North West Territories or elsewhere in His Majesty's Dominions, to have and to hold the same unto and for the use of His Majesty the King, His heirs and successors forever.

And His Majesty hereby agrees to set apart Reserves of land of a like proportionate area to those mentioned in the original Treaty No. 5, or if thought advisable, to add to Reserves already set aside proportionate areas for the Indians now by this Instrument giving their adhesion to the said Treaty.

And His Majesty further hereby agrees to provide a grant proportionate to that mentioned in the original Treaty to be yearly and every year expended by His Majesty in the purchase of ammunition and twine for nets for the use of the said Indians.

AND we hereby agree to accept the several benefits, payments and reserves promised to the Indians adhering to the said Treaty No. 5, it being understood and agreed by us that the said benefits and payments shall not be retroactive. And we solemnly engage to abide by, carry out and fulfil all the stipulations, obligations and conditions therein contained on the part of the Chiefs and Indians therein named to be observed and performed, and we agree in all things to conform to the articles of the said treaty, as if we ourselves and the Bands which we represent had been originally contracting parties thereto and had attached our signatures to the said treaty.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF His Majesty's Special Commissioner and the Chiefs and Councillors of the Bands hereby giving their adhesion to the said treaty have hereunto subscribed and set their hands at Norway House this eighth day of July and at Cross Lake this fifteenth day of July and at Fisher River this twenty-fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eight.

Signed by the parties hereto in the resence of the undersigned witnesses, the same having been first mark explained to the Indians by JOHN SEMMENS, Commissioner.
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and 224 others at Norway House.
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and 70 others at Cross Lake. PETER MURDO
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and 17 others at Fisher River.

Witnessed by

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