Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Onion Lake First Nation

Located a few miles north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and partially in Alberta, is one of chief Big Bears communities. An Ojibway chief claimed to be highest ranking Ojibway chief in Canada and belonged in United States according to his son chief Little Bear, Onion Lake was a location chief Big Bears Ojibway subjects selected to live at, after fleeing Montana in 1876, for Alberta's and Saskatchewan's Cypress Hills. Chief Little Bear remained in Montana and actually helped American Soldiers fight his own people including his father. Chief Little Bear told whites that bit of information in 1913 at Lewistown, Montana. Chief Big Bear led his subjects to Onion Lake prior to or after he signed treaty, in December of 1882. They relocated north of Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan and established several villages. Most were in Alberta. Population of this Ojibway community of Onion Lake which is also known as Makaoo and Seekaskootch, is 3,300 according to a 2016 census. Many Montana Ojibway's were Deported to Onion Lake after 1895 including chief Little Bear who, along with many other Ojibway's who were Deported, returned to Montana. Chief Little Bear did not participate in 1885's Northwest Rebellion. He sided with whites. Onion Lake is one of chief Big Bears largest communities. Saddle Lake is probably his largest community.

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