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Osnaburgh First Nation

This Ojibway Kasba Reservation settlement is located in northwestern Ontario. It is over 80 miles northwest of Lake Nipigon. They are Albany River Ojibway's. There are several settlements which are affiliated with Osnaburgh First Nation. According to 2016's census, population of all Osnaburgh settlements is 667. They have 159 dwellings with 134 lived in. Average household size is 5.0 persons per household. Around 210 speak Ojibway Language. Osnaburgh First Nation lost their isolation in 1954, when Highway 599 was extended to their communities. They were forced by Canada, to move closer to Highway 599 for anticipated assimilation into white society where they will disappear. During their war against whites and their Eskimo allies who were stationed at white forts around Hudson Bay and James Bay, Ojibway Soldiers captured many Eskimos and absorbed them into their population. Osnaburgh First Nation has an Eskimo mixture within their population. Closer to Hudson Bay and James Bay, more Eskimo blood is within Ojibway communities.

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