Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Parry Island First Nation

This Ojibway First Nation is located along the northeastern shores of Lake Huron and in an island in the same lake. Below is a map of this large Ojibway Reserve which includes Henvey Inlet, Parry Island and Shawanaga, with Magnetawan. They are probably related to the Amikwa Chippewa's who are known as the Nez Perce and Beaver Tribe. Their tribal history probably involves many Anishinabek from Michigan and southern Ontario, fleeing to their land to escape from the whites. Their ancestors obviously fought in wars against the whites. They signed the September 9, 1850 Robinson-Huron Treaty, under chief Me-kis who signed for them. They were left with a large Reserve that is 12 miles by 12 miles or covers 144 sq. mi. or 373 sq. km. The on-Reserve population of the Ojibway Parry Island First Nation is, according to a 2018 census, 402. About 26.5% speak Ojibway at Parry Island.

Adjacent to them on their north are the Shawanaga (chief Ma-ka-ta Mi-sha-quet signed 1850's Robinson-Huron Treaty for them) Ojibway's. Adjacent to them further north are the Magnetawan (chief Pa-meq-uo-naish signed 1850's Robinson-Huron Treaty for them) Ojibways and Henvey Inlet (chief Wa-ge-ma-ke signed 1850's Robinson-Huron Treaty for them) Ojibways. All 4 share the same reserve. Size of Henvey Inlet District is 324 sq. mi. or 839.1 sq. km. Size of Magnetawan District is also 324 sq. mi. or 839.1 sq. km. Size of Shawanaga District is 81 sq. mi. or 209.8 sq. km. Size of Parry Island District is 144 sq. mi. or 373 sq. km. Total size of all four Districts is 873 sq. mi. or 2,261 sq. km. On-Reserve population of Magnetawan is 79 according to the 2018 census. No one speaks Ojibway at Magnetawan. On-Reserve population of Shawanaga is 183 according to the 2018 census. Only about 18.6% speak Ojibway at Shawanaga. On-Reserve population of Henvey Inlet is 192 according to a 2018 census. Total on-Reserve population of all four Districts, is 856. Preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists to gather their people to migrate north and west. Canada will not honor the treaty agreements.

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