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(January 2019)

Pelican Lake First Nation

These Saulteaux Ojibway's were are a part of Big River Reserve. They are within Big Bears Reserve. They were with those Ojibway Soldiers led by chief Big Bear, that attacked whites at Batoche, Duck Lake and Fish Creek, during 1885's Northwest Rebellion. Their on-Reserve population is 891 according to 2016's census. They have three locations where they live. Most populated is Chitek Lake with a population of 821. Next is Pelican Lake (Sha-sha-gi Ga-mi) 191B with a population of 50. Then Pelican Lake 191A with a population of 20. They have 325 dwellings with 178 lived in. Average household size is 5.0 persons per household. Around 280 speak Corrupted Ojibway Language which is what Lewis and Clark called Cree Language. These people don't know their history and who they are.

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