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Peter Ballantyne First Nation

This Ojibway community or communities, known as Peter Ballantyne First Nation, are located in northeast Saskatchewan. Below are google earth photos of Amisk Lake and satellite images of their other towns. Their on-Reserve population is 4,550 according to 2016's census. They have 876 dwellings, with 753 lived in. Average household size is 6.0 persons per household. Around 3,100 speak Corrupted Ojibway Language which is what Lewis and Clark called Cree Language. They know they came from Grand Rapids, Manitoba. Read an excerpt from Treaty 5 below very carefully. They are Saulteaux Ojibway People. They are closely related to Ojibway folks at Montreal Lake and Lac la Ronge. In fact, both Montreal Lake and Lac la Ronge, signed an adhesion to Treaty 6 on February 11, 1889. Later, Peter Ballantyne First Nation broke from Lac la Ronge. However, history indicates they originated where Grand Rapids, Manitoba is. They signed an adhesion to Treaty 5 on February 11, 1889. They did not sign an adhesion to Treaty 6 on February 11, 1889, unless they came from Montana! They came from Grand Rapids which is where Saskatchewan River's mouth is! They must be included with The Pas Agency! In 1900 and before, they were managed by The Pas Agency which also managed Chemawawin, Cumberland House, Grand Rapids, Moose Lake, Red Earth, Shoal Lake and The Pas or Opaskwayak. Since only one agency managed them, it indicates they are actually one Reserve. Below is a map of Misi Pawis'tik Reserve. Translated it means Little Rapids or Pa-wis (the "s" is a diminutive) and what may be an incorrect word used which is mi-si, and tig or tik which is a locative meaning Place. In Ojibway, mi-si means "All, Entire, Everything, Whole." Ojibway word for "Extensive" is mi-shi. They should only use Pawis'tig which means "Little Rapids Place." If they want to use "Grand or Great," it should be pronounced Chi Pawis'tig or Gitchi Pawis'tig.

Below is an excerpt from a pdf file. Read it carefuly! This Ojibway word O-ji-bi-wa means write about an object or describe an object. They've been warned whites will fool them! Was it not whites that wrote the first Ojibway Dictionaries? They put a "d" before a "j," in many Ojibway words for a purpose. An example is "Bemidji." Of course, it's pronounced "Be-mid-g." They apparently placed the "d" before a "j," to let you know how the Ojibway word is pronounced. Do you see a "d" before the "j" in Ojibway? In old Ojibway Dictionaries, they write the Ojibway word for "fly" using a "d." This is how it's written: Odji. Ojibway is also pronounced O-jib-be-way." They pronounce "O-ji-bi-wa" differently. It's "O-zhi-bi-wa." Early books about Ojibway People includes A Dictionary of the Ojibway Language and History of the Ojibway People." Both are from the 1850's. You noticed neither used a "d" in Ojibway! You can't find "Ojibway" in the old dictionary. However, there's the word O-ji-bi-wa. It's definition is "Scribe" which means "person that copies documents." You can obviously hear "Chippewa" in "O-zhi-bi-wa." In Ojibway, they place either a "d" or a "t," at ends of words denoting a persons occupation.

If they don't want to follow prophesy, they will be destroyed. They have been warned by prophesy what will happen if they don't heed the warnings! They have selected their fate. They have told me and other Ojibway's, to screw off! I'm going to enforce law! Citizens of Peter Ballantyne First Nation and all other Cree communities, are charged with Desertion during time of war and forging a false nationality during time of war. They are now at the mercy of non white entities from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2020). Cree communities, don't know that there are non white entities from far in the future looking out for them. Since Cree Folks have Deserted, i strongly encourage those non white entities from far in the future, to do what they like to folks at Cree communities. I'm very aware of prophesy and what will happen if prophesy is not followed and so are they! If you are Ojibway and live at Cree communities and want pardoned, fill out the form below requesting amnesty! Those non white entities from far in the future, are so advanced they'll know who you are (that includes if you don't use Ojibway to identify yourself as) and grant you amnesty! It also means you have to follow prophesy which i will keep preserved! If you refuse to accept an Ojibway Nationality, you will be removed from protection.

Treaty 5

We, the Band of the Saulteaux Tribe of Indians residing at the mouth of the Saskatchewan River, on both sides thereof, having had communication of the foregoing treaty, hereby, and in consideration of the provisions of the said treaty being extended to us, transfer, surrender and relinquish to Her Majesty the Queen, Her heirs and successors, to and for the use of the Government of Canada, all our right, title and privileges whatsoever, which we have or enjoy in the territory described in the said treaty, and every part thereof, to have and to hold to the use of Her Majesty the Queen and Her heirs and successors for ever. And Her Majesty agrees, through the said Commissioners, to assign a reserve of sufficient area to allow one hundred and sixty acres to each family of five, or in that proportion for larger or smaller families-such reserve to be laid off and surveyed next year on the south side of the River Saskatchewan.

Amisk Lake From Road

Amisk Lake From Road

Amisk Lake From Road

Amisk Lake From Road

Amisk Lake From Road

Amisk Lake Road Closeup

Amisk Lake Road Closeup

Amisk Lake Road Closeup

Satellite Image of Deschambault Lake

Satellite Image of Kinoosao

Satellite Image of Pelican Narrows

Satellite Image of Sandy Bay

Satellite Image of Southend

Satellite Image of Sturgeon Landing


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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