Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Pheasant Rump First Nation

Located near Kisbey, Saskatchewan, which is located in southeastern Saskatchewan, is the Assiniboine and Anishinabe pheasant rump first nation. In history, the Chippewa ogima (chief) who signed the treaty which set aside the entire Moose Mountain Plateau to be an Anishinabe-Lakota Reserve, was probably ogima White Bear (Wa-vi Ma-gwa). Another Chippewa leader who was instrumental in having the entire Moose Mountain Plateau set aside as an Anishinabe-Lakota Reserve, was ogima Ocean Man (kit-chay ga-may-win or Kit-chay ga-may-win Na-bay). Adhesions to treaty four on September 9, 1875, established this first nation. In 1901, the Chippewa's and Lakota of both Ocean Man and Pheasant Rump, were forced to amalgamate (relocate to the White Bear Reserve) with the White Bear First Nation. For 90 years they lived at White Bear until they gained Reserve status again in 1992. However, after they moved away from White Bear, they agreed to accept a Cree and Lakota identity. They are Chippewa! The population of Pheasant Rump is 142. Their current Pheasant Rump Reserve covers 7,966.5 hectares or 19,685 acres. However, their Reserve is actually the entire Moose Mountain Plateau or Moose Mountain Reserve, which covers 1,165 sq. km. or 450 sq. mi. Click here to learn more about the Moose Mountain Reserve.

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