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Poundmaker First Nation

Located near Cutknife, Saskatchewan is the Anishinabe Poundmaker First Nation which is connected to the Little Pine Reserve. Their history is one in which many (maybe not most) originally lived in the Montana region. Poundmaker is a suspicious historical figure who may have been hired by the whites. After signing treaty 6 he became a leader of 182 people and settled down on a Reserve with them. Canadian leaders were not keeping promises and many of the subjects under the leadership of Poundmaker became attracted to the more militant Anishinabe leaders. Poundmaker was quick to intervene after some of the battles of the 1885 war, as was ogima Big Bear. By that, he refused to allow Ojibway soldiers to kill their white captives. After the war, ogima Poundmaker surrendered and was imprisoned along with ogima Big Bear. However, he received special privileges. After being released from prison he paid a visit a friend on a Blackfeet Reserve in Alberta. He mysteriously died there at the age of 44. A link to a map of the Poundmaker-Little Pine Reserve is below.

The Poundmaker Reserve covers an area of 15,466 total hectares or 38,217 total acres. In 1998, this band of Anishinabek were given the first hectares or acres of 20,000 new hectares or 49,400 new acres. That brings the total area of this First Nation to 35,466 total hectares or 87,617 total acres. When including the Little Pine Reserve, the area covers 60,147 hectares or 148,605 acres. The Reserve population is 766. When including the population of Little Pine it is 1,547.


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