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(January 2019)

Sagamok First Nation

This Ojibway community, is located along Lake Hurons extreme northern shores. This Ojibway Reserve of Sagamok First Nation, is on Serpent Rivers east. Below is a link to a map of their Reserve. According to 2016's census, on-Reserve population of Sagamok First Nation is 1,140. They have 401 dwellings with 383 lived in. Average household size is 2.9 persons per household. Around 285 speak Ojibway Language at Sagamok First Nation. Their Reserve covers a land area of 98.7 sq. km. or 38.1 sq. mi. Their Reserve is very small. Their leaders chief Namassin and chief Naoquagabo (don't know how to pronounce it), signed Robinson-Huron Treaty in 1850. They were set aside a Reserve near where Fort La Cloche is. Their communities are located at their east end, about a mile or less from La Cloche Lake and Little La Cloche Lake.

Map of Sagamok Reserve

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