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Sandy Lake First Nation

This Ojibway Kasba Reservation settlement of Sandy Lake First Nation, is located in northwestern Ontario. Below is a link to a google earth satellite image of this Ojibway town. It is 43.5 miles from Manitoba. Population of this Ojibway town or Sandy Lake First Nation, is 2,017 according to 2016's census. They have 516 dwellings with 472 lived in. Average household size is 4.3 persons per household. Around 1,030 speak Severn Ojibway Language. This Ojibway community is an isolated one. Sandy Lake is a large lake extending 46 miles or 74 kilometers from west to east. Sandy Lake First Nation town is situated along this lake northwest shores. In Ojibway, they pronounce this lakes name similar to this: Ga Mi-ta-wan-ga-ga-mag. Where is their word for lake? They usually use Za-ga-i-gan (it actually means Reservoir) for lake. On rare occasions they use "ga-mi." It should be "Mi-ta-waan Ga-mi." They can also use "Ga-mi Mi-ta-waan" or Lake Sandy. They have two words for sand. Mitawan is one of course. However, their correct word for Sand is "Ne-gaw." Since this lake is large, they'd use 'Big or Chi" to denote it as being a big lake. Ojibway People would place "chi or big" after a vowel. So "Nay-ga-wi Ga-mi'chi" is their correct pronunciation for Sandy Lake. It's no different than placing a locative at an end of an Ojibway word. Of course, they don't always do that, especially for towns. For lakes, mountains and rivers it was more commonly used. If a lake is small, they'd use "Nay-ga-wi Ga-miiz." It means Little Sandy Lake.

Satellite Image of Sandy Lake

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