Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Sheguiandah First Nation & History

This band of Ojibway Indians live on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron. Originally, Manitoulin Island was inhabited by an Ojibway Clan, Nation, Totem or Tribe made up mainly of Ottawa's. However, it is well known that Noka Clan or Noka Nation, were far more numerous than all other Ojibway Clans, Nations, Totems or Tribes so they made up majority of Manitoulin Islands Ojibway population. Many Ojibway People from Wisconsin and Michigan migrated to Manitoulin Island throughout 19th century. Their Reserve is actually all of Manitoulin Island. That's according to their historians. Canada broke treaty and bought Ojibway leaders who fraudulently ceded Manitoulin Island Reserve. After those illegal reductions of Manitoulin Island Reserve, this section was reduced to 2,070.5 hectares or 5,115 acres. 2011 population is 154. It does not include off-Reserve population. Including off Reserve, their population is 385. Below is a link to a webpage about their community of Sheguiandah.


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