Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Sheshegwaning First Nation

This Ojibway Manitoulin Island Reservation community, is located on Manitoulin Island which is located in Lake Huron. They are signatories to September 9, 1850s Robinson-Huron Treaty. However, they are located on Manitoulin Island which means they were signatories to 1836s Manitoulin Island Treaty. Their Reserve is actually all of Manitoulin Island. Canada broke treaty and bought or forced Ojibway leaders to fraudulently cede Manitoulin Island Reserve. 2011 population of Sheshegwaning is 118. It does not include off-Reserve population. They have a total of 62 housing units or dwellings, with 58 lived in. Adjacent to Sheshegwaning on Sheshegwanings west, is Zhibaahaasing. When including 2011 population of Zhibaahaasing which is 55, their on-Reserve population is 173. Zhibaahaasing has a total of 18 housing units or dwellings, with 17 lived in. Total housing units for both locations is 80, with 75 lived in. Both Reserves are actually one Reserve. However, Zhibaahaasing owns land on Cockburn Island which is isolated. However, they have no community there.

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