Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Thessalon First Nation & History

This band of Chippewa Indians live in northern Ontario, about 66 miles from the eastern shores of Lake Superior. Mississauga is a few miles to the east. Their tribal history probably involves many Anishinabek from Michigan and southern Ontario, fleeing to their land to escape from the whites. Their ancestors obviously fought in the wars against the whites. They are possibly related to the Amikwa Chippewa's who are also known as the Nez Perce. They signed the September 9, 1850 Robinson-Huron Treaty, but did not cede their land. They did, however, give the whites their permission to build roads and railroads, as well as trading posts, and to lumber and mineral rights. During that time (1850) Canada was far more interested in lumber and minerals. They knew the land was covered by a thin layer of poor quality soil which, to better describe it, was very rocky and not good for agriculture. Ojibwa leaders agreed to the Robinson Treaty because Canada lied to them. Ojibwa leaders left the treaty knowing they had reached an agreement in which Canada recognized the Ojibwa Nation owned the entire land area of the September 9, 1850 Robinson Treaty. The Ojibwa Robinson Treaty Reservation community of Thessalon, is located along the extreme northern shores of Lake Huron. Some speculate the name Thessalon may be derived from the Ojibwa word Nay-ya-shing. It's pronounced as Thes-lon. Their population according to a recent 2015 population census, is 106.

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