Rocky Boy Tribe
Chippewa Indians of

Wasauksing First Nation

These Ojibway Indians are dealing with leaders who are incompetent. They are allowing whites to settle within their nation, especially along their northwestern coast. 2011 census reported a total of 430 housing units within their nation with most owned by whites. Indians own 157 of those 430 housing units. This Ojibway, Ottawa and Potawatomi Reserve can be saved. They need competent leadership who will look out for their interests instead of allowing foreigners to settle their land. Their nation is an island. It's named Parry Island. Their nation is also known as Parry Island Reserve. Their nation is connected to mainland by Wasauksing Swing Bridge. Place your detectives at this Ojibway Reserve, to find out if bribery is being used. Though this Ojibway Reserve will survive for quite some time, what is now in progress reaks of corruption. That corruption must stop. Genocide is involved. Since you already know what has happened, you must preordain 19th century Ojibway Traditionalists, to migrate far north to avoid what happened. Leaders of Wasauksing who conspired with whites to exterminate Indians, will not be allowed to live again. That is law. 2011 census reported Wasauksing First Nation population to be 419. Wasauksing covers an area of 72.3 sq. km. or 28.0 sq. mi.

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