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Weenusk First Nation

This Ojibway Treaty 1 Reservation settlement is located in extreme northern Ontario. It is 20 miles southwest of Hudson Bay and Winisk. In 1985, flooding where Winisk is located, which is nearly adjacent to Hudson Bay, forced residents of Winisk to relocate further southwest. Similar to Fort Severn. Ojibway People at Fort Severn were located well inland at Sachigo Rivers and Severn Rivers confluence, until 1973. Reason for those relocations is to brainwash these Ojibway People from Fort Severn and Weenusk, into thinking they are not Ojibway. Both locations have strong ties to Anishinini People who are Ojibway. Their language is North Ojibwe or Severn Ojibway (aka Oji-Cree). According to a 2016 census, First Nation population of Weenusk is 195. Weenusk is an isolated community which depends on planes and possibly a winter road for food and other supplies to be brought in. Below is a google earth photo of Weenusk which is also known as Peawanuck.

Photo of Weenusk

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