Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Wikwemikong First Nation

This band of Ojibwa Indians live on Manitoulin Island within Lake Huron. Their tribal history includes many wars fought against them invading whites, and many of their ancestors fleeing to far northern Ontario to escape from whites. They signed 1836's Manitoulin Island Treaty which set aside all of Cockburn and Manitoulin Islands, to be Ojibwa Reserves. England did not have courage to honor treaty and broke treaty in 1862. It's known as 1862's McDougall Treaty of 1862. It's fraudulent. According to a 2015 census, population of Manitoulin Island Reservation community of Wikwemikong, is 3,118. Including off Reserve, it is 7,912. Wikwemikong means "Beaver at the Bay" in Ojibway. There is no need to use a locative. Beaver Bay is it's real name or, in Ojibway it's "A-mi-ko Wi-kred." During 16th century and early 17th century, Ogemaw Sagemaw led many Ojibway People from a west location, to Manitoulin Island. From there, he led his soldiers to Michigan's Lower Peninsula and brought it under Ojibway control. Ogemaw Sagemaw tried peace first yet his soldiers were attacked by Fox Soldiers. It enraged Ojibway leaders who did not want to fight other Indian Nations. Ojibway Soldiers were yet fighting idiotic Fox Soldiers during early 19th century. That's how idiotic Fox Nation was. They had forced their way to Manitoulin Island to combat whites that invaded early during 16th century. Ojibway Soldiers had to fight Indian Nations that sided with whites. It was those Indian Nations that helped whites establish white colonies in North America. Ogemaw Sagemaw also led many Ojibway Soldiers to Ottawa River then sailed up Ottawa River to where Obedjiwan, Quebec is. Ojibway Soldiers used that location to combat whites and their idiotic Indian allies. They eventually settled St. Lawrence River Valley during mid or late 16th century.

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